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                POSITION:HOME > PRODUCT > POS terminal > P Series >



                P series have compact design and powerful function. It has double screen design,13.3 inch touch screen and the automatic cutting knife printer, combine with the RFIC card, magcard. The simple and decent design, small but exquisite shape, rich and powerful function, all these allow the P Series Touch POS to be your best assistant in business.


                ? Android 4.2.2 /Windowssolution compliant
                ? Freescale i.MX6 Dual / Quad Core
                ? Double screen design,different show
                ? 100% Fan-less design with Power Consumption less than 10Watt
                ? 13.3″ LED display with 1366×768 wide screen technology
                ? WiFi & WLAN function support

                Longfly android POS system is based on Freescale Cortex A9,IMX-6 series CPU SBC board which support Android 4.22 Jelly Bean, and besides that,we provide customized software development accoirding to your requirements.