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                ABOUT US

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                Founded in 2000, Longfly has a history dating back to 1991 and focuses on providing more efficient cashier solutions to commercial users, with products such as point-of-sale terminals, commercial scales, electronic cash registers and fiscal cash registers.


                Longfly has its own manufacturing base of 25,000 square meters, has built 1 fully automated chip production line, 5 total assembly and debugging production lines, storage area of nearly 5000 square meters, is one of the largest commercial automation equipment OEM/ODM service providers in China. Longfly has passed ISO9000 certification, all products have passed CE, FCC, and Rohz certification, most of the products master the core technology, with independent intellectual property rights.


                Longfly has nearly 100 experienced R&D and production technology employees, with an organizational structure of six departments: domestic sales center, export sales center, customer center, manufacturing center, R&D center, and management center, talent reserve covers all key technical processes of product design, R&D, physical control, production, quality control, sales, warehousing, service, everything is oriented to customer needs, internal management is simple and efficient.


                Longfly adheres to "customer first, quality first", and the whole line of products can provide our strategic partners with the fastest and deepest customization services. Longfly takes "quality assurance, to be the first" as its mission, and continues to push out new products, and is willing to work with partners to build the world's fastest cashier's solution for the intelligent manufacturing business!